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TRV University Overview
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Learn more about TRV University's available courses and find out how you can Enroll in the Administration Building.

Watch The Videos

Watch videos which explain how Technical Remote Viewing works, including the New Student Orientation, at the Auditorium Building.

TRV U Testimonials

At the Testimonials page, read about what TRV University students say about their training experiences and how learning Technical Remote Viewing has changed their lives.

"This Technology Is The Single Most Powerful Tool Available To Mankind."

Remote Viewing Courses
Welcome to Technical Remote Viewing University!

   Is it really possible for anyone to be trained to access his or her innate psychic abilities? The answer is yes. PSI TECH, the company which established TRV University, introduced the world's first remote viewing training courses to the public in 1989. Our new Online training campus is the culmination of many years of training experience and refinement of TRV training technology. The University is a comprehensive web-based program that delivers flexible and unparalleled benefits and convenience including real-time peer & instructor support for the ongoing practice and advanced learning of this remarkable skill for our students.

   To learn more about Technical Remote Viewing University's enrollment options and procedures, enter the Administration Building.
Enter the Technical Remote Viewing University
    Enrolling in TRV University is fast and easy. You can begin your Technical Remote Viewing training within minutes of signing up with TRVU. TRV University is open to applicants over the age of 18 who can follow directions, comply with TRV training requirements, and are mature enough to manage the responsibilities imposed by independent online studies. The Technical Remote Viewing University is the premiere learning institution for the development of professional remote viewing skills. TRV University students have immediate access to support staff and fellow students who are available for real time assistance and discussion. Learn at your own speed and meet like minded people who have similar interests and goals. Students can become apart of a worldwide community of active Remote Viewers. To enter the TRV University, click the button to the right.

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